Monday, August 11, 2014

PLN's in the IT&DML program

I was confused about Learning Networks vs. Personal Learning Networks. In my blog post, "Learning Networks" in July, I asked, "How are PLNs and Learning Networks related? Do we have to share?"

Ian asked me, "From your you see any way that we can improve our look at PLNs through our work in the #ITDML  program?"

I thought I understood the basic idea of a PLN, but I didn't know how to keep all the information in one place. We don't talk about PLNs in my school system. While viewing the curating videos, I did some additional reading and discovered that curating could be done on a site like Pintrest, Delicious, or Pearltrees. I chose Pearltrees. I plan to use this to house the websites and artifacts for my PLN. Categorizing on that site is similar to the iPad, so I won't have a big learning curve.

Pearltrees offers notifications about others' collections that seem to be similar to my collection. I have found some websites and articles that I feel would be beneficial to my learning. Someone copied a website from my collection, and I found it flattering. I think I like the shared aspect of the site, as long as I keep it professional.

Some questions I have about PLN's:
- Is my Personal Learning Network PERSONAL? Or should it be available for PUBLIC viewing?
- Does it all need to be housed in one location? or is it just a bunch of places to check/participate in regularly?
- Can I have my very own, hidden PLN and something else (like a website?) for public viewing?

 If there is any way that ITDML could improve our look at PLN's, it might be to answer those questions, even if the answer is, "These are the options. Do whatever you are comfortable with."

This is also interesting. I think I get it now  Edu-Sketch: How to build a PLN
It's a mindset.

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  1. Great questions Sally!!! Pinterest offers private boards within the PLN community. I love pinning ideas and being able to go back to them. I haven't set up the private one yet, but then again, I'm not looking to do anything I wouldn't want seen by others. I am going to look into Pearltrees... I get too involved in Pinterest - like seriously, it's too addicting!