Friday, August 8, 2014

My Digital Identity

I have been to a handful of library conferences. I am always impressed by the "experts," those who present workshops and such. When I attend sessions, I often say to myself, "I could do that," but there is a little voice inside me that stops me. I convince myself that I'm too busy or that there are so many others who know way more than I do. 

I have already begun piecing together my PLN. In Pearltrees, I am collecting the websites and work of those I see as having expertise in the school library field. I am also collecting information on the Common Core and ORMS and other practices that will have an impact on my working life. I have included the shared Google Docs of the (Danbury) area librarians from the LEA's who ask interesting questions like, "What do you think of genrefication?" (I don't) and "What do you think of maker spaces?" (I won't) Sometimes I take these questions as "over my expertise level" but when we sit down and talk, they have the same budget constraints, scheduling issues, and understaffing complaints as everyone else. They're just focusing on other things. 

I am a linear thinker, and Coggle was a bit... wiggly... for me. I made this mindmap using XMind, which may or may not work... I can do a link, but not a PDF.

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