Saturday, August 9, 2014

ED7714 Networked Learning Project video

The Weeping Angel Project
How to make anything look like a statue

I do networked learning projects year-round. This summer, my projects included making lined curtains and finding ways to use zucchini. The task that I chose for my official project occurred in the spring of 2014. I was in the IT&DML program last summer and watched as most of that cohort shared their new learning. When I found myself using multiple internet sources while creating a Weeping Angel for the Dr. Who themed room at Brookfield High School's graduation party, I documented the steps. It took longer than the 6 weeks allotted for the project. The details are in previous blog posts. This video is an overview of the process:

'Weeping Angel Project Video

Things I learned:
- Though it is not my preferred method of learning, I can use a video to learn a new skill.
- Making a statue-like object is not difficult and it can be done cost-effectively.
- Plan on multiple recordings when using free recording software. If you are interrupted, you must start over.
- Don't be too much of a perfectionist when using free apps.
- I would have preferred to do a new project over the summer rather than documenting the Weeping Angel.

I will definitely continue to learn new things using online sources. At a later date, I plan to write down the step-by-step directions, photos, and diagrams so someone like me (who prefers to learn that way) can put together their own Weeping Angel statue.

I will also likely re-use this new skill. My grad party team will be intact for two more years until the youngest child graduates. In 2013, I used internet sources to make the head for a larger-than-life Mario statue. There are directions online to make a Mario Pinata.  I adapted the skill for a "Silent," another Dr. Who character. Both are below.

It helps that we have two store dummies at the house to fuel my annual obsession...

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