Friday, March 7, 2014

Global Literacy Microblog Reflection

Being in the two-year IT & DML program, I haven't had as much experience putting together projects using technology. I initially thought the microtalks were going to be "live," so I was mentally preparing another Petcha Kutcha. I was a bit nervous when I realized I needed to record myself. I first looked at PowToons. I quickly discovered it was too big a learning curve for my insane schedule. I discovered I had downloaded Screencast-O-Matic over the summer and found it was extremely easy to use.

As I mentioned in my microtalk, I picked Global Nomads because I thought it might involve travel. Although it does not require packing a suitcase, I was very pleased with the types of programs they offer. For educators who feel like they do not have time or experience enough to commit to a long project, GNG offers webcasts. Sandy Hook is the town adjacent to mine, and I will be co-teaching the webcast I highlighted about gun violence with one of the Social Studies teachers toward the end of the school year.

For those who feel ready to take on a larger challenge, GNG offers professional development for teachers to ensure their global experience is a success. I was impressed by that. The Pulse Project is all in English with North American students and requires video interaction. It is a great segue into the truly International experience of a Semester or Year-Long Program.

I feel like a kid at Christmas when someone posts a comment on my responses. I found I enjoyed my classmates' talks. I went to many of the websites to check some of the resources they didn't highlight in their presentations. If I was to re-do my presentation, I likely would have shown more of the actual website. 

I called the Global Nomads office and talked to Kristyn Mohr, one of the program directors. I wanted to be sure there were no hidden costs. She explained how GNG is funded through grants and that all training and programs are free. One of the Semester programs requires travel to Brazil for the professional development. If a class is selected to participate, the full cost of that travel is covered. Maybe I will be packing a suitcase after all...