Monday, August 11, 2014

ED 7714 Digital Identity Reflection

We were asked to reflect on a classmate's Digital Identity plan, compare it to our own plan, and to reflect on what we published about our Digital Identinty a few weeks ago.

I looked at Cathy's Digital Identity plan when she first published it, mainly because hers seemed to have more words on it than the other diagrams. I appreciate the way she explains, right on the diagram, her reasoning for using (or not using) a tool or resource. She also used three categories: create, curate, and blogging.  My plan used categories that described where my information will come from: people, other neworks, and websites/documents. Under that, I branched specific groups of people, specific networks I had found and use, and specific websites and documents that I found and categorized in Pearltrees, my curation space. Nothing was explained on my diagram.

I also looked at Laurie's PLE. Hers has many branches and sub-branches, going from general to specific. At first glance, here "general"  categories seem quite specific. It is also very busy with connections through the different areas.  Personal pursuits are included in her network - family, friends, YouTube, etc. 

From looking at my PLE and comparing it to others' diagrams, I learned that I need to work out clearer connections.  I also missed some key resources that I rely on. I am an NPR listener and I get professional ideas and information from the broadcasts all the time. I have many teacher friends on Facebook and have learned and shared through there, but, because I don't think of it as "professional," I did not include it in my network. I use books as resources, and I did not include those. As for my diagram, I work very well with a paper and pencil.  I did not sit down and work out my plan in my favorite medium before trying to put it on an app.  The diagram I produced looks incomplete to me. Finally, I learned that I have not put much thought into a PLE or my digital identity in the past and what I put in the diagram is a very small portion of what I will really use.

I am glad I was asked to reflect on the PLE/Digital Identity that I posted. I learned more than I thought I would from the experience. 

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