Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ED 7714 Networked Learning Project #2

Weeping Angel Project

After finding the YouTube video, "How to make a modified weeping angel" and watching it, I sat down with a pencil and paper and watched it again, writing down all the items I needed to complete the project. The goal was to keep the cost down and make something that would knock the socks off the Dr. Who fans.

Mannequin torso or dress form
Mannequin head
PVC pipe
Spider Joints
Construct base from plywood and wood
Monster mud: drywall compound, latex paint

In the meantime, I made wings. There were no wings on the modified weeping angel statue in the YouTube video, so I needed to go back to the internet. Using pictures from Google Images, I sketched out wings on paper. Because I planned to make the wings using a cardboard display box I scavenged from ShopRite, I chose to search for "dr who weeping angel drawing." I would be better able to see the lines. This is the drawing I used:
I printed out the page for reference.
Doctor Who - Weeping Angels by mikedaws
Out of the corregated cardboard box, I cut out wing shapes and some of the individual feather shapes.  In a couple of evenings, I assembled the basic wings using cardboard only. The following week, I used papier mache (learned via the internet for a 2013 construction) to add detail to the wings. They sat, unpainted, on the back three season porch. this is a basic cardboard wing.

Over the course of two months, I asked around and collected or ordered the objects. A colleague had a dress form that one of her students had given her. She was willing to give it to me. Abbott Tech Hairdressing throws away mannequin heads when students finish cutting and coloring the hair. I ordered mannequin hands from and Spider Joints from Spider Hill Propworks online. I purchased 2X4's and PVC pipe at The Home Depot. I already had bolts of old curtain fabric that a colleage once gave me, and plywood. 

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  1. This really is great. I'll look forward to seeing it all documented over time using Storify.