Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ED 7714 Networked Learning Project #1

Weeping Angel Project

Every year, Brookfield High School sends their seniors off with a Graduation Night Party.  Parents and community members decorate a portion of the school based on a theme. Our room theme this year (2014) was "Dr. Who." As I knew little about "the Doctor," I watched six seasons on Netflix to get a feel for our project. I also was hooked on it once I got started. 

Because I have limited time to devote to this project, each year, I focus on creating a handful of characters to place around our room. One of the most iconic characters (according to Dr. Who fans) is the "Weeping Angel." This alien looks like an angel statue. If you turn away from it, it creeps closer. Don't blink.  If it touches you, something bad happens. If an angel looks at another angel's eyes, they both turn to stone, so they keep their eyes covered.

I volunteered to make a weeping angel. As a librarian, I went to my favorite starting place, Google. I typed in "How to make a weeping angel."  I figured someone had tried to make one and had documented it online. I found a YouTube video, "How to make a modified weeping angel."
I was not thrilled. I prefer written instructions with pictures, but there were none. I watched the video. It was perfect, exept that the modified angel in the video had no wings.

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