Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ED 7714 Introduction

I have been in the IT&DML program for a year now - one course at a time, not two. The first cohort will be graduating at the end of the summer. It is melancholy - and a little jealous - to see them finish up while I am still working. I still get notifications of their posts, but I am not ready to delete them from my circles. When I have new the names, I will be creating at IT&DML2 circle for this cohort. I am excited to meet you, but not excited enough to sit through an introductory session of the 6th year program! Please remember, if you feel overwhelmed, we ALL feel that way. Seriously. Take a deep breath and ask a colleague.

I chose the IT&DML 6th year program because I am the sole librarian at Henry Abbott Technical High School in Danbury, CT and I felt I needed to force myself to be current in the latest technology. I have discovered that this program is more than I expected. As an educator in the CT Technical HS System, there are trends in education that I have not been exposed to. The experience has been eye-opening. Sometimes I feel completely lost, and sometimes I feel like I am ahead of the curve.

I lead a "busy and fulfilling life." Translated, that means I am highly committed, and often happy to be so. In plain English, I am BUSY. Through school, I am a co-adviser for the Class of 2015, Yearbook, and Leo Club (affiliated with Lions Club.) Aside from sports, Abbott Tech's after-school opportunities are lackluster, and one of my personal goals is to get kids involved. Outside of school, I am active at my church. Currently I sing in the choir, play handbells, and serve as chairperson of the Stewardship Committee. This week (July 7-11) I am leading the Story Center and the sixth graders at Vacation Bible School.

Believe it or not, I still spend time with my family. You may hear a "soundtrack" behind me when I am on a Google Hangout. That very well could be my son writing one of his songs. He and my husband belong to a local band, Dan's Garage. I am a groupie. I keep track of the regular goings-on at home and cook most meals.

Like the familiar story/parable, the stones in the jar are my job and my family. The pebbles are this class and my regular activities. The sand is my hobbies. I find time to knit, garden, sew, entertain, and relax. I'm a planner, and adding grad courses to my schedule has make me an expert at time-management. Because I had a preview from last year, I did a networked learning project this spring. If I can use it, you'll get to see my "artwork" for the Brookfield HS Grad Party... another of my hobbies.

Again, I look forward to meeting the new IT&DML cohort next Monday. Welcome.

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