Sunday, July 19, 2015

COMM 7728 Online Content Construction project


Simple and professional tool to design online (and print) flyers and newsletters

Uses for teachers
- flyers about upcoming events
- classroom newsletters
Uses for students
- flyers for events and activities
- newsletters (classroom or for a class project)
- flyers/posters for historical projects
- biographies of book characters or real people
Basically, any project that requires a poster/flyer/newsletter can be done using S'more.
Flyers can contain words, video, pictures from the Internet, photos, links... the format is very versatile. Of course, the interactive links will not work on the print version!

How to sign up: A basic S'more account is free.
Pricing for education (single teacher) is $59/year.
Benefits for education account:
- custom backgrounds and education-themed backgrounds
- privacy settings - not shared by default (enhanced privacy)
- unlimited newsletters
Students do not get separate accounts, but the single teacher account can be shared with students.
S'more will work with organizations at the school- and system-wide level. There is a form to submit.

Why S'more?
The tool makes professional looking products. It is easy to follow. If data is important, the program keeps track of the number of visits to the site. The site calls it "detailed stats in real time." Flyers can be printed, emailed, posted on social media, or embeded on school/teacher website or a blog.
Access all of your previous flyers and change and republish information as needed.

To sign up for a free account, provide the standard information. You're ready to go!
Here is a quick screencast tutorial for what to do after you have logged in:

For more information about S'more, check their site for additional tutorials and information.
You will be designing professional quality flyers in no time!

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