Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ORMS MOOC Module 1 Reflection

I was one of three facilitators for the first module of the ORMS MOOC. I had not gone first before. The good: you set the pace and nobody has expectations. The bad: if you're like me, you are the one with the expectations.

It is strange having folks from the new cohort ask me questions, expecting expert answers. I don't feel like an expert, but I found myself answering with authority. After negotiations, we spread the commenting and questioning responsibilities among us and connected during the week through email and brief hangouts.

I learned so much from the MOOC participants. I always pick up certain things from readings, and I am  amazed at what others connect and discover. We read through different lenses. We come from a variety backgrounds and teach different school populations and grade levels. I like being able to respond on my own time, but it would be really fun to connect face-to-face on some of these issues.

I was particularly impressed with the online tutorials. I recognize that there are so many types of technology that can be used in a pedagogically aligned manner. I still find myself in the "use the technology" mindset, rather than the "can technology make this better?" mindset. Operative word: MINDSET.

After spending a solid week at school resetting student passwords, working around glitches in the website, and figuring out how to get by without my Polyvision board (or a working LCD projector) -- can my SLO be about resetting LESS passwords?  -- learning from my ITDML colleagues about ways that technology is successfully being used in their schools is inspiring.

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