Monday, July 29, 2013

Face Yoga ED 714

I want to learn something online, even though I am not in the class yet.  I will blog about it, and maybe use it when I'm actually in the class next year.

Yoga Master Fumiko Takatsu
28-Day series

I heard about face yoga by flipping through a women's magazine, and I checked it out online this spring.  I looked at some YouTube sites and read a bit about it.  I decided I need a "course," so I'm going with the Face Yoga Method 28 Day Series.  In my online world, I need to post photos of myself and I'm not quite so photogenic as I used to be.  If I can change that for free, why not?

Googled:    Day 1 face yoga
- Drink hot water first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
- Wow (to loosen up)
- Open up the chest, rotate shoulder exercizes

- Neck exercise.  Shoulders down. 45 degree angle.  Oooh lips.
   Do at least 3 X a day, both sides, twice a day

Here's my photo... my "before" picture.

Day 2: Clasp hands straight out in front.  Same exercise.
Day 3. Turn head to side.  Stick out tongue. Breathe out.
Day 4: Tilt head to side. Stick out tongue.  (missed a couple of days of "new" poses.
Day 5. Shoulders down. Hee Hee Hee ten times.

One full week:

Couldn't re-create the angle but it looks like there MAY be a little improvement...?

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