Friday, February 20, 2015

ED 722 week 7 Rogue Reflection

Please discuss the most potent points in the discussion this week.
What instructional and pedagogical opportunities are out there to build student voice, choice, and agency? How will you create learning experiences for your unique learners?


Teach like a pirate! We watched two Google Hangouts this week. I pulled out my knitting and took some notes. 
- Create an experience
- You will have some failures...keep going
- Look to alternative assessments for memorable understanding
- Build up to a great it. 
- Passion for teaching is critical!
- Triple Venn Diagram
- Teachers are willing to take risks and sail into uncharted waters.

THIS WEEK's REFLECTION is a Powtoon presentation. I need to practice for an upcoming PD.

My Storify for this week

Dave Burgess focused on the performance aspects of teaching. His premise is that students need a "hook" to draw them in and make them want to learn. Creating an experience, rather than simply teaching a lesson, is an important way to differentiate instruction.

The experience could be the way a room is set up to engage the students. One of the SSCHAT teachers talked about eating gluttonously during a lesson. Dave talked about a "life-changing" sight and sound experience revolving around the moon walk. When more senses are engaged, students will learn more deeply.

The experience is not only what the students passively absorb, it can be the projects they create alone or together. The gamifiers talk about minecraft. Another SSCHATter had students recreate the map of the middle east in mud behind the school. Many teachers talked about projects that involve collaboration.

This week in health class, the teacher asked me to show the students "something different from Power Point." Together, we looked at Haiku Deck and Prezi, but my dramatic build-up was to Powtoon. It takes longer to learn, but it is really fun to make an engaging, humorous presentation. The students were really absorbed in creating scenarios for their on-screen characters, cementing the information about steroids in their brains. Although students were responsible for individual projects, they collaborated while discovering different aspects of the program.

Would anyone pay admission to see one of my lessons? No. But it gives me something to aspire to. I'll need to practice.

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