Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lesson Plan ED 718 Friendly Reflection

Unlike the classroom teachers in my group, my lesson "units" are usually less than one period long.  Students at Abbott Tech spend half their time in shop, so academic teachers work hard to get a school year's worth of curriculum into 90 days.  They covet the time they have with their students.  I do what I call "stealth teaching."  I sneak in mini lessons on works cited instruction, key word searches, and website credibility whenever a teacher books the library.

I explained to my "friendly group" that I had originally planned to work on library catalog instruction or book trailers with the Language Arts Lab.  They couldn't give me two periods with any group before the class deadline, so I tried CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design.)  They have been working on videos to entice Exploratory Freshmen into the program.  The equipment they had been using was no longer available.  I found a quick, efficient iPad program and they became willing to work with me.
(I tried to load the app on the school iPads today, and the Macbook won't recognize the app... PITA!)

In order to make the plan work, I will need clearer instructions from the CADD teacher for his expectations. I don't know anything about "orthographic projection."  He does.  It will also be helpful to have a rubric in place when we begin the project.  I had planned to work on it with the classroom teacher and both his content piece and my technology expectations.  Another item the group thought should be included was some kind of reflection for the students.   It will be easier for me to write about the changes in dynamics when I have their input - and the teacher's input.  I do not work with any combination of students in the school as a group enough to truly observe a difference in classroom dynamics.

Additional comments:
I worked with the CADD teacher on Friday 10/25.  He wants me to help the students plan the shots and get their projects approved before filming. It is something I can do, but hadn't realized he needed help with it.  It will be another revision of the lesson.

11-1-13  I started the lesson with CADD on Tuesday.  We were partway through when the Department Head came in.  I was talking about planning your shots and purpose of the video.  Suddenly, it was time for a class meeting. This has now turned into a 3 to 6 month project with lesson formats aligned from freshman to senior year, all with similar format.  There will be lots of research, watching YouTube videos to find out what others watch -- brainstorming -- etc...  The shop cycle ends on November 7th, so I will need to find another group to work with. 
The art teacher has offered to let me work with her art club after school.  This is my fourth attempt at planning and teaching a lesson.

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