Friday, September 27, 2013

EDUC 7718 Week 4

Reflective Commentary:  This is on my blog because it is a record of my coursework.  The questions are answered on Google Presentation because the we are discussing appearance, and appearance is visual.

1.         How operational and meaningful is visual profiling in education settings?   Please consider this personally from your own experience, but include commentary about the way it plays out among adults as well as among learners.  Is there anything you could or should do to change any negative aspects of this?
2.        Many people say that one important purpose of public schooling in this country is to enculturate children into what it means to be an American.   What does it mean to be American?
Don’t forget to include commentary about why you choose the response medium you did.   Have fun!

Google Presentation:

     I had fun with this topic. I asked many staff members how they thought a teacher should dress and why. I was surprised when I got similar answers.  Most felt the students were better behaved around adults who take care of their appearance. The instructors in one shop always wear ties, and they swear the student behavior is better than it was before ties.
     On the flip side, I asked students which teachers they feel like they respect.  The first teacher one student chose is a regular substitute.  She is young, dresses casually and "relates well with the kids."  The other two teachers the students picked always look very professional. (You'll see them in the presentation.)
     I showed an older teacher friend a clip of Rick Kleine's teaching demonstration. She said she didn't doubt his skill as a teacher, but she would have a few nervous moments at parent-teacher night.  Her children often wanted to imitate their teachers, and his appearance was different from the way her family dresses.  
     In two other conversations, colleagues stressed the importance of dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.  They both gave examples.

PS:     Upon final review of the Presentation, I realized the final photo with the National Honor Society was with the words "The most successful become acculturated to our community."  NHS is made up of a real cross section of cultures.... but these aren't the only successful kids in the school!

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